Five Outdoor Trends to Try This Year

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June is National Homeownership Month, a time to support and celebrate the American dream.

The benefits of owning a home include stable monthly payments, an opportunity to build home equity, and owning is often cheaper than renting in the long run. You can also personalize your space and make it feel more like you.

With summer around the corner, there’s no better time to give your backyard a makeover. A functional outdoor living area adds usable square footage to your home, and you don’t need a huge backyard to create a space you’ll love.

Here’s a look at five of the most popular outdoor living trends to try this year.

1. Outdoor workspaces

After working from home for nearly two years, some people have transitioned back into the office. However, remote work remains the norm for many.

But while a dedicated indoor workspace can help boost concentration and productivity, you don’t have to confine yourself to four walls. An outdoor workspace isn’t out-of-reach if you have a deck or patio. Set up a workstation in a cool, shady spot and move your office outside. You can even create an outdoor balcony desk.

The change of scenery can breathe new life into your workday, plus the dose of vitamin D can improve your mood and stress level.

2. Resort-style backyards

Some people love jetting off to new places, whereas others enjoy the comforts of home.

If staycations are your ideal vacation vibe, a few updates can transform an uninviting backyard into a relaxing retreat. And you don’t have to spend big bucks on a swimming pool to achieve the perfect escape.

Budget-friendly ways to create a relaxing outdoor space include updating your backyard with comfortable lounge chairs, outdoor lighting, a backyard fire pit, a stone path, fountains, a hammock, and perhaps a stock tank pool.

3. Pattern designs

But don’t stop with outdoor furniture—decorate or style the area with eye catching designs too.

Does your existing outdoor furniture feel a little boring? Rather than start from scratch with a new patio set, enhance what you have with outdoor pillows, rugs, and throws. Also, don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and experiment with unique textures and designs.

For a unique touch, skip the patio rug and use a stencil design to transform a concrete patio.

4. Outdoor kitchens

If you love to cook and entertain, consider trading in your standard grill for a functional outdoor kitchen.

Rather than friends and family crowding the inside kitchen during a barbecue, sit outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. Outdoor kitchens come in a multitude of designs, so you can choose features that make sense for you.

In addition to a grill, some outdoor kitchens have cooktops, bar areas, pizza ovens, sinks, and even refrigerators. Having everything you need outside can eliminate the frequent need to go back and forth inside the house. Plus, outdoor kitchens can increase your home’s value.

5. Detached backyard living spaces

If you’re looking for a private retreat on your property, consider a detached backyard living space. These small structures are similar in style and design of detached storage sheds—but they offer so much more.

Detached living spaces are ideal if you want extra living space. These structures make the perfect backyard office, home gym, man-cave, she-shed, or quiet room. And the best part, they can have electricity and temperature control for a comfortable environment.

An upgraded outdoor space can boost your property’s value and make your home the life of the party. Ready to take the plunge? Your home’s equity can help turn your backyard dreams into a reality. To learn how to put your mortgage to work for you, contact the loan experts at FirstBank Mortgage.

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