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She always answered any questions in a timely manner.
Lori Yarbro .
Daniel and his team were relentless in seeking closure!
Barry S.
Sheila made it very easy for me to understand what to do and how to do it when it came to buying my first home!
Luke F.
Daniel was extremely helpful in all aspects of the process.
Sharon J.
Cedar Grove, TN
Shelia is awesome and made the process very smooth and everything was completed in such a timely manner and very efficient ..I highly recommend Shelia and First Bank
Tonya Scarbrough .
Daniel got our loan approved and completed on time. It was a bit stressing due to my wife not being a US citizen and her native language not being English, so it was difficult at times with the documents, and I’m not sure how much experience he had with our probably unusual circumstances, but we got through it and are very happy with the final results. Would definitely recommend Daniel to our friends and family who do not have our unusual complications. He was always very responsive and in the end no matter the complications, he got the job done and we now own our first home together!
Jarod B.
Lexington, TN
From the beginning, Sheila was extremely responsive and upfront with my clients, keeping them informed throughout the process. Toward the end of the transaction, my clients faced an unfortunate miscalculation on their part that might have caused delays with a lesser banker. However, Sheila took it all in stride and managed to resolve the issue, ensuring the closing happened as planned. I would highly recommend Sheila to anyone looking to obtain a mortgage to purchase a home!
Jennifer Knolton .
Jackson, TN
Daniel was great and always answered my questions quickly!
Jordan W.
Everything was quick, easy, and pretty smooth from start to finish. We are very happy with Sheila’s knowledge and experience.
Michael M.
Jackson, TN
Daniel is just great to work with
Vicki Stribling .