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The experience was great because the loan officer and I worked really hard. Whenever a bump in the road came along the officer and I were on top of everything, trying to figure out the best course of action on how to solve the issues in which would best solve the issue.
Brandon C.
Megan is a joy to work with. She stays on top of everything and is very professional.
Teri R. Edwards .
Megan was great. She is really professional and has an excellent attitude. She was able to answer any questions we had and kept us informed on a regular basis about how our loan was going. She also seems to enjoy her job which makes it a pleasure to do business with her. She can make it happen!!
Michael O.
Megan was always there at any time to answer any questions or concerns I had. It was a great experience! I highly recommend her for anyone needing a mortgage banker!
Easton S.
It was very easy to get in touch with Megan. She was always there to help when needed!
Autumn S.
Megan Wilson walked me through everything. She was very understanding of my concerns and was able to clarify any questions I had. She treated me well and was looking out for my best interests.
Luke P.
It was a simple process from start to finish.
Gregory P.
Paris, TN
Megan was fantastic in answering all my questions and I had many of them. She kept me updated with each step of the loan process. I had very little knowledge in electronics signing and emailing and she taught /showed me how to do this. She spent extra time and making many phone calls working on increasing my credit score , a few points did make a big difference. She never made me feel bad about my lack of experience in getting a mortgage. Megan was very warm and kind during this whole experience . She always has a great big smile and was so positive in every step of the loan process. At closing I was so familiar with every form that I was signing because Megan has sent them to me prior to closing. I would recommend Megan Wilson to all family and friends, she made this whole experience easy and exciting.
Lynn S.
Megan helped us get everything done and needed to get done and we thank BJ Sue and Kali for their help and support as well
Robert B.
Everything went smooth and Megan was an absolute pleasure to work with.
Alana B.