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This transaction was a difficult one. Michelle was great from beginning to end.
Susan Oliver-Lewis .
Nothing was late and the closing date was upheld, so from my viewpoint I see this as a "success." Michelle was very helpful with the pre-approval process. Her turnaround time, responsiveness, and overall support has been excellent. We worked with Robin during the majority of the underwriting process. We understood that we needed to reply to her requests ASAP--and we did. Most of Robin's emails were sent outside of normal business hours. Often repeat requests would be made for items already submitted. She communicated many times that items were pending with us (or another party) when they were not. In the case of "pending" Home Owner Insurance it was actually pending with FirstBank. Verification of employment was another item that went on for three weeks. FirstBank email communications during the underwriting process lacked continuity and professionalism. Lastly, Michelle reviewed a lot of information before closing. I do wish I had been better informed about the post loan process concerning the "mortgage recasting" and how the timeline is executed. We glossed over that part. We had provided our seller contract during the loan approval process, and I assumed the recast would take less than a month. Our closing dates selling and buying were one week apart. Michelle still continues to be responsive and supportive, and we definitely appreciate it.
Rachel R.
Michelle is kind, helpful, quick to respond and give updates. Great experience working with her.
Matthew R.
Michelle and her team made getting my clients loan super easy even though they were presented with some non-Traditional closing time frames! They did a great job.
Michelle Strange .
We had a very unique transaction that needed to be over the course of 3+ months for the timing to be just right and Michelle and her team were able to make it happen right on schedule.
Michelle Strange .
Michelle was an excellent communicator and readily available to answer questions.
Melainie F.
It was great until the closing and we had to wait 2 hours to be funded. They continued to ask for past documentation from my buyer, this should have all been completed WAY before the closing day.
This was my first approval on a loan and everyone was sp helpful. Especially Michelle.
Shelly B.
Thank you for helping me get to this huge milestone. Being able to buy my parents a house has been in my plans for a few years and I am extremely thankful for you guys. I really appreciate the patience I received trying to get all the documents ready and you guys made it seem so easy as well. Again, I can't thank you enough!
Jahem P.
Michelle is amazing 👏 She does her best to find the most suitable loan options, and is very responsive and assuring when you have questions about anything. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a mortgage lender!
Casey Downey .